Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's been a crazy week in the Kellerstrass household! I feel like we are running one way or another. Keeps life exciting I guess :) Through all the running to the hospital to see my mom, taking kids to school, or Owen to his first week of AWANA, God has been showing me over and over that through it all He is with me. His goodness never fails to amaze me. Not a lot has happened with the adoption but a few MAJOR things happened this week that once again reaffirmed that we are headed in the right direction. Besides all the encouragement and people wanting to hear about our mission, we received physical evidence that God will continue to open doors! The next step in this process is to begin paperwork and home studies and the feared dossier. But before that we have to send in our adoption agreement. We began this journey telling God that we are His tools to use anyway He wishes, but if this is the route He wanted us on then He would have to supply because we simply don't have it. We had the extra money in our check account for the application, so we stepped out. This week Nick will be paid for some work he did, which turns out to the half the needed cost for the next step. We were really excited about this and talking about how we would earn the second half. We got on our knees and asked God to provide an opportunity to earn a little extra money or to provide it in another way if this continues to be what He wants for us. The next day we had a check in the mail from a close friend exactly for the other half we needed! This friend didn't even know what we needed but God just laid it on his/her heart. What an awesome testimony!!! We have the money before its even needed. What a confirmation to our family! And after that? We got the call that our application was accepted and they were sending us the paperwork. I just cry when I think about this...really its a true God story!

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  1. Let everything that has breath Priase the Lord! Praise the LORD!