Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Big 3-0...

So today I turn 30.

It's not so bad, right?

All summer, I was so depressed about turning 30. Before then I could pass as a young mom in my 20's, but to think about the 30's...ugh! After 30 there is no turning back. At that point you are just a middle aged mom. A soccer mom. Forever.

My mom told me that when she turned 30, she laid in bed all day. That was going to be me, I just knew it.

I decided I was going to take matters into my own hands. I wasn't going to wallow around in my own self pity, I was going to do something to prove 30 wasn't the end of my youthful life.

I decided to run a marathon.

Who does that? My mother-in-law, that's who. Her 50th birthday present to herself was to run her first marathon. If you've seen the woman, she is gorgeous and looks no older than 30. I decided right then and there that is the gift I wanted to give to myself. To kick dirt in 30's face. So I grabbed my best friend, Amy, and we started training.

We were so naive :) We trained and trained and trained until we were beyond burnt out. The month before the marathon were we pushing ourselves to the limit? No. We stopped training. Sure, we did our long runs together once a week, our "girl time", but the in-between runs were a thing of the past.

So this weekend (the weekend before I turned the dreaded 30) the gun went off and we started out on 26.2 miles. Now, this wasn't just any 26.2 miles...this was 26.2 miles of pure hills. But step by step, mile by mile, we made it! And it was SO fun!!! We had the most amazing fans, who catered to every need. They screamed whenever we ran by, so loud in fact people around us just laughed and said, "that's awesome." They had crackers, water, and bagels for us. For most runners, energy chews, jellybeans, and gels are what keep them going. Not for us, we fuel up on Snickers, Diet Coke, and LOTS of Ibuprofen. Yes, our fans kept our sugar levels high and our pain levels low!

So, I'm feeling good. On top of the world! 30 isn't so bad. In fact, I think I'm more youthful, more outgoing, and loving life more now than when I was a young, 20-something mom. I only have bright things ahead of me, a husband who loves and appreciates me (even the bad); three beautiful, healthy, hilarious children; the MOST AMAZING friends and family; a beautiful baby girl in Ethiopia; and a God who chooses to love and forgive me no matter how many times a day I fail.

I think 30 is going to be pretty great.


  1. Well now, I'd say thirty's got nothin on you! Welcome to your beautiful life! You're doing it real proud!

    I think 30 is going to be REALLY GREAT TOO!!! but think I will skip the marathon! :) But think you are REALLY COOL FOR DOING IT! :)