Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vitamin D for the Soul...

I've been taking a break. A time to reflect. A time to laugh with my children, connect with my husband, and engage in friendships that I've been missing.

I haven't been writing because I'm finding the joy in life.

The sun, the green grass, the warm breezes - they all remind me that there is a life worth living here. A life full of love and happiness. There will always be sadness, but there is healing in the pain.

We are another step closer to bringing home another child to call our own. The homestudy is complete! The Immigration application is sent, and we are just waiting to be invited to be fingerprinted. Our documents sit neatly in order in a manila folder waiting to be notarized, certified, and apostilled and sent to Ethiopia.

Our family waits in eager prayer for the little picture and name of our daughter waiting for us in another country. My heart leaps knowing its closer. My kids talk about her as if she is already here and a part of our family.

We have big plans for an exciting fundraiser that we are putting together. That will come later, but for now we stand in awe at the feet of One who has brought every penny we've needed.

Our journey is a total God story, and I'm grateful to know that "if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?"

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