Monday, January 3, 2011

First New Year's Resolution...FAILED!

Well, it is January 3rd already and my resolution to be more organized has already failed, and I'm just now writing my review of 2010. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come. It's hard to believe that it is 2011 already!

2011 started off peaceful, uneventful...exactly how I like it. Nick and I spent the evening at the movie theater watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1.

Yes. I am a geek.

We came home and watched the ball drop in New York City. In New York City time. And called it good. Considering it is still only 2004 on the Ethiopian calendar, I figured one hour wouldn't make such a difference.

So here is my rundown of 2010. An interesting year. A life changing year. A year I will never forget and pray we never relive, but a year of blessing, joy, and peace! Enjoy!

Favorite Verse of 2010: "Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun." Psalms 37:5,6

Favorite Book: Crazy Love by Francis Chan - Get ready to have your world rocked

Sermon Series that Changed Our Lives: The Compassion Series by David Platt, another Rock Our World Never Be The Same message that we encountered

Favorite Movie: Eclipse (sorry its lame, but when it begins with a four hour Twlilight marathon with food and friends, it's hard to top)

Biggest Accomplishment: Running the Indianapolis Marathon. 26.2 Miles of hills, hills, and alas, more hills.

Best Nick Memory: Celebrating our 10th Anniversary. We took a trip down memory lane and spent a couple of days in Chicago doing nothing! It was wonderful and helped us reflect on our relationship and make goals for the future.

Best Owen Memory: The first day I dropped Owen off to school, I asked him if he was too old to give me a kiss. He looked at me and said, "I'll never be too old to give you a kiss." My heart melted. A week later, he no longer wanted to kiss me goodbye.

Best Amra Memory: In May, Amra got her tonsils out. After the surgery, I just got to hold her and sing to her and snuggle her. Before the surgery, she always sounded like she had a cold when she spoke. The first time she spoke after the surgery, she sounded like a little mouse. It was the sweetest sound ever!

Best Wrigley Memory: The boy was only 11 months old and he flips over the side of the couch. Not on accident. On purpose. And he hasn't stopped. He jumps, flips, and tumbles off furniture. He keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh all the time!

Top 10 (or 15) Memories of 2010
1. PBS Mini-series of Emma Tea Party with The Girls (Jill, Sandy, Heidi, Andi, Alex, Marla, Katy, Abbey, and Lori). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE theme parties, and this was one of my favorites! Tea, Tea Sandwiches, and mini desserts mixed with a Jane Austen classic and you have a proper evening.

2. Indianapolis Half Marathon - the whole family jumps in to the car, heads out east to Indy and runs a half marathon, followed by good food and SHOPPING!

3. Brookfield Zoo with my mom, Nicki, Teo, and the kids - a little bit hectic but great memories were made!

4. Ten Year Anniversary Date down Memory Lane - we had a scavenger hunt to all the important places in our relationship with a soundtrack to match. A few tears were had by all.

5. Cubs Game for Owen's Birthday - Owen's first trip to Wrigley Field. The weather was beautiful, the seats were great, and as long as we kept feeding Owen, he was content.

6. ECLIPSE PARTY!!! - Food, Friends, and Edward Cullen...need I say more?

7. Abbey's Wedding - a beautiful day with a beautiful bride

8. Long Runs with Amy - If you ever want to know a person completely inside and out, then I suggest running 10 or so miles with them. I never knew I would look forward to a twenty mile run, but with Amy it was the highlight of my week! Our friendship was deepened immensely during this year, and I have truly made a friend forever!

9. Jet Skiing and Captain Ron's - My BFF Amy and Brandon took us jet skiing on the Illinois River and to Captain Ron's on the riverfront. Sounds pretty much like a redneck vacation but it was SOOOOO fun! And I only fell off the jet ski two times and almost went up river once...a pretty successful evening!

10. Chicago Half Marathon - We spent so much time walking around enjoying the sights and sounds of the city, that we were too tired to run a good race the next day. It was a really fun time!

11. Cubs Game with the Family - we were lucky enough to go to TWO Cubs games this year. The second was with our great friends and cousins, the Flemings. We got to take the kids and they did amazing! Wrigley kept saying, "My field."

12. Coffee with Danae, Erin, Lyndsey, and Toni - God blessed me with the best friends this year. Friends that will forever be a part of my life, and I'm SO grateful for the one on one time I spent with each of them!

13. Pumpkin Carving Party - Picture this: 6 kids, 6 pumpkins, 4 laid back parents and sharp knives. Need I say more?

14. The Sugar Cookie Party - we cram as many people as we can in our small house and eat to our hearts content. I think there were 23 children running amongst the 25 was heavenly madness!

15. Christmas with my Mom - after a year of ups and downs, it ended well with my mom home celebrating Christmas with her family!

Probably the most exciting time of this year was our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! The whole reason I have this blog. To announce that we are expecting! Expecting another child through adoption! We are so excited because after receiving three large financial gifts we finally have the ball rolling towards our adoption! Our hope is to have both our homestudy and dossier completed by the end of February, so look for more announcements to come! 2011 is starting off well!!!

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